Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wrist Corsage: Various Positions You Can Put it On

Wrist Corsage: Various Positions You Can Put it On

Many people are just too scared to be different. They afraid that being different just make them an alien. But for me, experimentation is good. Experimentation allows us to explore various possibilities that might happen in our life. Interestingly, it also happened when we talk about wrist corsage.

As we know, the most common place where people usually placed their wrist corsage is on the left hand. You can read more about this on my previous post on “Wrist Corsage FAQ”.

But today, I would like to suggest a few other places that might be possible for us to put on our wrist corsage and still appear to be gorgeous!

1. Wrist corsage to close the gap.

Actually, I am just trying to be a little humorous here. Hell no! I am not trying to be dirty or something. But as you can see in the picture, the wrist corsage has been put on at the middle of the chest. It serves 2 functions here. One, to fastens the gap on that place and two, don’t you think that the bride’s hands are more free and allows them to be more “functional” during their wedding days. More importantly, it still appears wonderful!

2. Wrist Corsage around the collar.

We need to be a little bit careful with this position. It might not be suitable for all. But based on my experience, a taller woman will appear to be readily suitable if they were to wear the wrist corsage (not wrist corsage anymore since it has been put on the collar area, LOL) on the collar area.
Look at the picture. You can see how the corsage harmonizes with the dress of the bride.

3. Wrist corsage around the cuff.

It supposed to sounds funny. The wrist corsage is still around the wrist, but not exactly at the wrist. Instead, we put on the wrist corsage on the hand cuff. But, to apply the corsage on this area, only a simple type of wrist corsage is suitable. If the wrist corsage is just too crowded with flowers, I am afraid that it will cause unnecessary discomfort to the wearer.

4. Wrist corsage around the…?

Well, the answer would be, “Not at any part of your body.” Yups! Because at this time; I want you to try to put on the wrist corsage on your hand bag instead. Put it on, and be free. You do not have to worry about your corsage is being crushed when you are busy walking here and there, while taking photograph with your friends or dancing together with your loved one.

The bottom point is, being creative with your wrist corsage and stays different. But not too different… LOL.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my post.


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