Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Prom Wrist Corsage: New Trend

Prom Wrist Corsage: New Trend

As wrist corsage becoming more and more popular nowadays, I am glad that there are creative people and mind out there who have came out with this brilliant idea of specially designed prom wrist corsage. Look at the picture below. This is the picture of prom wrist corsage with combination of pink roses and light purple ribbon. An additional feature that you can see here are the fiber optic lights that will surely makes all the guys on the dance floor during the prom night amazed!

I personally love Peruvian lily. This flower is also known as lavender alstroemeria. Even though the one that you see below is light purple in color, they actually have their very own white version. Peruvian lily is very suitable for prom wrist corsage because it is sturdy. Thus, the wearer need not to worry that the flower torn of while busy dancing on the prom night.

I like to say that yellow and purple is the color that meant to be together. Their contradiction in contrast, hue and saturation makes the color fighting each other. This will create attention and in prom night, I guess that attention is everybody’s need. In the prom wrist corsages below, the yellow centered asters create a sweet mound of flowers that being harmonized by the sprays of seeded pearls.

The prom wrist corsage below is made from several combination of flowers. They are lavender roses, miniature "moon" carnations, and asters. Because of the size, I prefer this corsage to be put high on a shoulder and not to be worn as a wrist corsage. My reason would be, to create a comfort ambient to the wearers so that she can move freely without disruption by the giant wrist corsage.

As a wrist corsage lover and expert, I believe that wrist corsage is opened to be experimented. Today, wrist corsage might be worn only during a special occasion. But the time will come where the wrist corsage will become an everyday accessory for women.


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