Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wrist Corsage @ Video 04

This is a video of a Chinese couple who are having a prom night, I guess. Again I want to emphasize on how wrist corsage are now becoming an uprising trend across the barrier of races, skin color and religion. The reasons behind are mostly about its simplicity and practicality but at the same time, still work very well in enhancing the looks of its wearers.

In this video, the theme color of the day is white. Look at the guy’s boutonnière; it is white in color as well. His spouse in this video is wearing a white dress and the white wrist corsage just work very well with her appearance.

The guy in this video prefers to put on the wrist corsage on his spouse’s right hand. If you read my post on “Wrist Corsage FAQ”, this is not traditionally right. I already gave a long explanation regarding to this matter. I suggest that his spouse might be a left hander or she just more comfortable to wear it on the right hand.

In this video, I am mainly interested to comment on the holder, where they have what we called as a zap on wrist corsage holder. It is white in color as well. You can appreciate that it is easy to wear and also quite firm in stability which can prevent it to drop out easily.

Have a nice wrist corsage for your special day and thank you for visiting my site!

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