Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Goodbye to A Bouquet of Flowers (Wrist Corsage)

Flowers will always be one of the choices to beautify a special occasion such as a wedding day, prom, dinner, formal college dances, Christmas, Easters and even your first date. The design can be presented in many forms. In most of the time, the colors, bloom and fragrance of the flowers could enhance the holders' gorgeousness.

It is still a classic practice to hold such a bouquet of flowers in the ceremony or occasion as mentioned earlier. However, as the time has changed, we are getting thirst to explore into something more innovative and experimental. The new idea of wearing wrist corsage instead of holding a bouquet of flowers can bring freshness and redecorate our old day’s ritual. Even though wrist corsage is traditionally worn by females at prominent high school occasions, such as Homecoming or prom, it has become more and more popular nowadays. Over time, wrist corsage has become relevance in many special events.

By definition, wrist corsage means a small bouquet of flowers worn at the wrist. However, bear in mind that the function of a wrist corsage is to augment a look and not to overshadow it. Thus, it is wise to keep them simple; even a single rose or orchid can be enough to make you look fabulous.

Several factors need to be measured before making a decision of which wrist corsage is most suitable for the day. Besides color, the style and fabric of the dress, suit or blouse must also be considered. A wrong choice of wrist corsage may spoil your appearance on that special day. For that reason, be careful before you choose your wrist corsage. You might want to consult your nearest florist or your fashion designers. But, there is no worry if you don’t have so. Sometimes, opinion from friends, family members and relatives can be more than enough.

Let’s get the wrist corsage today and stand up with your very own confidence and loveliness during your special day.

Thank you for visiting my site and have a nice wrist corsage for your special day!

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