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Choose the Right Flower (Wrist Corsage)

Many people asked about what are the best flowers for a wrist corsage especially for those who want to have a wrist corsage with real flowers on it. The answer is not definite. But perhaps, there is a baseline where it can help us making a decision. Before you choose the flower for the wrist corsage, you must measure several qualities of the flowers.

1) Sturdiness – Is the flower is sturdy enough?

Unlike bridal bouquet, wrist corsage will involve in movements. Your arm will be swinging when you walk, move towards you while eating and drinking, and move again every time you want to shake hands with the family members, relative and friends. In short, it keeps moving. Thus, the flower’s sturdiness is one of the most important qualities that you need to have in your wrist corsage.

2) Color variability – Is the flower is available in many colors?

More importantly, did the flower that you choose have a color that can suit with your dress? To choose the right color for the wrist corsage will effect whether it will enhance the look of the wearers or will make her look more miserable.

3) Flower size – What is the size of the flower?

Big does not means that it is great, but small does not mean that it is cute. Thus, the body size of the wearers needs to be taken into calculation as it will effect the wrist corsage presentation. Sometimes, a single bud of flowers is enough to make the wrist corsage’s wearers looks so elegant but sometimes, a collection of 2 to 3 flowers looks even nicer.

4) Flower survival – How long the flowers can last long?

This is important if you want to make a bunch of wrist corsage for a big event. Let say that you need to prepare a hundred of wrist corsages for your sister’s wedding day, it might takes 2 to 3 days before you can complete the task. The flower survival eligibility is important if this is the case. At the end of the day, what you want is for everything to look fresh and sparkling.

Nowadays, modern flowers like calla lilies or orchids are getting more in demand. Traditionally, roses and carnations are the most commonly used. Combination of two or three flowers can be great. For example, in the picture below, it is a wrist corsage with a combination of freesia and orchids.

Here are the lists of flowers that can be used to make a wrist corsage.

a. Roses

The traditional flower of England, and one of the loveliest and oldest. Of course, there are almost endless varieties nowadays, from the wild dog Rose with its pale pink petals blooming in the hedges, to the long-stemmed, elegant Floribundas. With their lovely range of color and texture, roses are a flower arranger’s delight – you can use them in almost every conceivable way, line, mass, informal, low cluster – the possibilities are immense. There are various basic types of roses and all of them can be used for making a wrist corsage.

Hybrid Tea Roses

It has a rich perfume and an elegant bulb-shaped centre. It also has an extensive color range.

Floribunda Roses

Developed from polyanthus. Beautiful and have a very nice shape of bud.

Ramble Roses

Have small flowers which appear in showy clusters. It has an extensive color range.

Climber Roses

Have an extensive range of colors, from scarlet and copper to pink and yellow.

2. Carnations

For over three hundred years, this has been one of the most popular flowers to be grown in English gardens. There are so many varieties that make it suitable for making a wrist corsage.

3. Dahlias

Very suitable for single flower corsage. It has an extensive color range. Dahlias are very sturdy. They can even survive heavy rain and rough winds. Thus, for a wrist corsage, there should be no problem.

4. Freesia

Grown from bulbs, these flowers with their delicious scent and beautiful flowers can bloom no matter way how they are presented. The shades of freesia blooms vary from pure white to carmine, through delicate shades of pink, rose and lilac.

5. Lilies

Any of several chiefly southern African plants of the genus Zantedeschia, widely cultivated as ornamentals and cut flowers for their showy white, yellow, pink, or purple spathes. It is a great choice for wrist corsage for its color variability.

6. Orchid

By definition, orchids mean any of numerous plants of the orchid family which usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colors. Orchid, such as carnation is well known for its sturdiness which make it very suitable for a wrist corsage.

Have a nice wrist corsage for your special day and thank you for visiting my site!

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