Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wrist Corsage @ Video 03

Pink dress, pink wrist corsage, pink balloon and pink boutonnière makes everything looks fabulous! This is what we called as monochromatic scheme color. Read my article on “Choose the Right Color” if it sounds alien to you. By the way, the white tuxedo worn by the bride is the best formulation that makes him appear manly but romantic at the same time (remember the pink boutonniere?).

If you already watch Wrist Corsage 01 and Wrist Corsage 02 video, you will find something different in this video. In this video, they have a wrist corsage with ribbon as the holder instead of elastic band. And watch how eagerly the bride was trying to put on the wrist corsage on the groom’s wrist. It appears to be difficult until some of the family members need to give him some hand.

As I have mentioned in my previous writing on “Choose the Right Holder”, I did write in the article that for wrist corsage with ribbon, even it is easy to find and simple (in term of making it) you need to tight it properly or it will be drop out. And you might be watching or already watched that, to tight the ribbon properly is not as easy as saying it.

But do not get me wrong. I did not trying to tell, that you need to forget about wrist corsage with ribbon holder or something. But I would rather look it in a different way. In my post on "+5 Reasons for Wrist Corsage" in reason number 10, I did say something about “..moment that you will never forget..”. If you still did not really understand what I mean, maybe you should replay the video above and pay more attention when it’s approaching 00:53. Look at the time when the groom is looking at her wrist corsage and the bride is struggling on it. That moment and that kind of look is the magic instance that I would say as, “..moment that you will never forget..”. Thus, it does not matter if the wrist corsage drops out again and again during that special day. Have fun with it. Ask the bride to tight it again and again. At least you got something to tell to your grandchildren when the time comes.

“You know your grandpa… During our wedding day, he tight that pink wrist corsage on my wrist for 20 times. And he struggles like mad every time he was trying to tight it again. But from that time, I know that I did make a right choice. I know that he will take care of me forever. I will never forget that moment”.

Oh, how sweet!

Have a nice wrist corsage for your special day and thank you for visiting my site!

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