Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wrist Corsage @ Video 02

I am not really sure what language they are talking in. It sounds like Filipino. Do correct me if I am wrong. But I can conclude one thing. It just approve my statement in earlier post that wrist corsage is now an uprising trend and not confine to the westerners or any special nations only.

In this video, the girl’s are wearing a dark pink dress. Perhaps, it is a combination of pink and peach, the color is not so definite. The theme color of the wrist corsage is peach puff, rose as the flower and it surrounding is decorated by leaves in green. The color of the wrist corsage is just greatly matched with the girl’s dress. For the holder, they are using elastic band.

There is one incidence in the video, right before the guy going to put on the corsage; the girl’s wrist bracelet seems like distracting the process. She needs to move it further up before the wrist corsage can be properly placed.

Here is another tip. Make sure that your left hand, or the hand that your partner going to put the wrist corsage on, clear from any kind of accessories. First reason, you do not want that particular hand to look stuffy. Secondly, you are not going to wear a wrist corsage everyday, do you? Why don’t you just leave it empty at this time and make it only and specially for your partner. This is another way to tell him that, “You are special...”

Thank you for visiting my site and have a nice wrist corsage for your special day!

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