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Types of Corsages (Wrist Corsage)

Generally, there are 3 types of corsages included wrist corsage and each of them serves different purpose and style. The other two are pinned-on corsage and hand-held corsage which also known as nosegays.

1. Pinned-on Corsage

Corsage by definition is a small bouquet of flowers and pinned-on corsage is simply a small bouquet of flowers that have been designated in such away that it can be pinned on the wearer’s dress or suit. For guys it is better known as boutonni√®res. Even though the name is different, it still serves the same purpose – to enhance the appearance of the wearers and as an indication for a special person of the day.

Pinned-on corsage generally worn on the left side under the shoulder or some might say, just above the collar bone, with the stem facing the ground. For men, there won’t be so much trouble on placing the corsage since usually there is a ready placed buttonhole on the lapel of a suit jacket or tuxedo, for the corsage to be put on. Otherwise, just pinned it on without so much worry because suit jacket or tuxedo usually made by sturdy fabric material.

For female, the tips on pinned-on corsage given below might be useful:
  • Be careful of the corsage size. Bigger is not necessarily better. This applied to both male and females especially when attending occasion that involved dancing such as prom night or formal college dance. You would not want to crush the corsage while dancing.
  • Do not pin the corsage in the area near on the breast. It is inappropriate and it is not very pleasant to have it there as well. If in case that you are wearing a strapless dress, you may want to consider on placing the corsage to the left of your waist. It will look more fabulous.
  • Avoid from pin on the corsage too high up. The corsage should be pinned at the position which is away from the face so it will not wipe any part of your face such as chin or cheek every time you turning or moving your head. Furthermore, it won’t be comfortable for you as the wearer as well as it will disrupt those who want to have a conversation with you.
  • If you are wearing a dress with flimsy material, you may want to consider a smaller and a lighter-weight corsage. Otherwise, the material may just droop by the weight of the pinned-on corsage and it will cripple you and your dress’s appearance.
2. Hand-held Corsage (Nosegays)

Nothing much can be said about this kind of corsage besides it is getting more popular nowadays. Maybe it is due to its simplicity compared to a normal bouquet of flowers. Practically it is just as the same as a normal bouquet of flowers besides the size of the flowers used is smaller. However, it is a great choice if you feel that pinned-on corsage or wrist corsage are just annoying and a bouquet f lowers is just too stuffy.

3. Wrist Corsage

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