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Wrist Corsage FAQ (Wrist Corsage)

1. What wrist should you wear your wrist corsage?

Wrist corsage supposed to be worn on the non-dominant hand. The reason behind was to make sure that the fine-looking of the wrist corsage will not be disrupted when most of the works will smoothly done by the dominant hand. However, since almost 89-90% of the world population are right handed, wearing a wrist corsage on the left wrist have become a tradition and ritual. Not to make the left-handed person disappointed, but wearing a wrist corsage on the left wrist has its own advantages.

As manner is concern; to eat, to drink, and to shake hand using your right hand considered as a good manner. Using the other hand, which is your left hand, may raise up some bad impression to you and your manner. For sure you do not want your guests, or visitor, or friends, or date, to have such a thought, especially during any special occasion. Wearing the wrist corsage on the left wrist can free your right hand to move and make it available all the way.

When it comes to photography session, following the tradition of wearing the wrist corsage on the left wrist will give a symmetrical beautiful picture when the guy is wearing a boutonnières. As guy will conventionally need to stand to the right side of the girl, we can have a vertically parallel point of corsage on the left. It will look wonderful compared if we have two vertical point of corsage which is contradict to each other.

2. What are the disadvantages of pinned-on corsage and hand-held corsage compared to wrist corsage?

Pinned-on Corsage

Heavy pin might damage the fabric of the wearer’s dress.

Improper pinning might increase the risk of the pin piercing the wearer’s chest especially during dancing.

Hand-held Corsage (Nosegays)

It is just as the same as holding a normal bouquet of flowers. You still need to hold it all the way during the occasion.

3. My prom date is going to wear a strapless dress during the prom night. I wonder what type of corsage will suit her the most?

Your prom date will look like this if she is wearing a pinned on corsage on her dress.

The reason why a girl wants to wear a strapless dress is because they want to look sexy and feminine. With the corsage on her chest, you are more likely to take that component away. The corsage will call most of the attraction, which is not good to her. You can read more about pinned on corsage in “Types of Corsages”.

Some might suggest for an upper-arm corsage or always called as shoulder corsage. The corsage will look something like this on your prom date.

Many people say that it has an advantage for less interruption near the hand. Your lower hand will be freer for activity such as eating, drinking and dancing, which is true. However, I got some complaints saying that it is slightly uncomfortable to wear an upper arm corsage since it keeps rubbing with below the armpit part.

My suggestion is still a wrist corsage. There are many styles of wrist corsage that you can choose nowadays. Just make sure that you choose the right one.

Thank you for visiting my site and have a nice wrist corsage for your special day!

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