Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Choose the Right Type of Flower (Wrist Corsage)

Almost incredible improvements have been made in plastic, fabrics or paper flowers; nowadays we are often hard put it to tell whether the flowers are real or artificial. And it is even possible to buy perfumed plastic flowers! It makes it hard for us to decide, which kind of flowers we will want to consider for our wrist corsage.

The advantages of artificial flower are obvious – they last for years, need not so much attention once worn and bring a touch of colors that can almost 90% suit with your dress (since the color’s hue, tone, value and saturation can be modified due to our need). The stems can be bent into graceful curves; the flower heads can be twisted to turn exactly the way we want them to go.

Despite of that, we cannot doubt of the elegancy, freshness, originality and genuineness of the real flowers. Receiving a real flower by the one who we love give a magic sensation that might not be able to be captured by getting the fake one. It is so special. However, it will later fade and the beauty of the corsage will bury in that fadedness.

When people asked me about this, me myself have some trouble to answer. However, after doing some reading and research, I come into several conclusions that might be useful for us.

Choose original flowers when…

1. It is only one time special occasion, such as your wedding day or first date. Yes that the wrist corsage with original flowers will fade, but it symbolize that the day is very special and may not happen again in the future.

2. You asked a girl for a prom. Do not ever think about having a wrist corsage with artificial flowers unless they specially request for it. You are just making her upset if you do so. Make your prom date feel that they are special. Giving a wrist corsage with artificial flowers may bring a bad impression to you.

Choose artificial flowers when…

1. You are a wrist corsage collector and want to decorate your room or house with various type of wrist corsage.

2. You want to have the wrist corsage as your own style when going out for any occasion whether it is just a simple occasion or a special one. So you might want to use the wrist corsage again and again.

3. You partner, prom date, or spouse specially request to have an artificial one. You do not want to disappoint them do you?

4. You, or the one you buy the wrist corsage for are allergic to real flowers.

Think carefully before you make your decision in buying a wrist corsage. Spent some time by doing some reading or research. It will be worth for you to do so!

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