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Choose the Right Color (Wrist Corsage)

The most right color to choose is still the same colors with your suit or dress. However, since flower is remains as the main color for the wrist corsage it is hard to find a flower that can have exactly the same color with your dress. Thus you need to use a wrist corsage with color that share the same tone with the hue color, and slight different in the value and saturation. Maybe it will be wiser if we can learn something about color in general so that you can understand better on how to choose the right color for your wrist corsage that suit your dress the most.

Here are some terms that you first need to know before we go further:
  • The hue of a color stands for the basic color.
  • The tone of a color describes the color's density and reflective quality.
  • The value of a color describes the amount of white or black in the color.
  • The saturation of a color refers to its pureness and boldness.
If we consider colors as a wheel, we can generally have 2 parts on it. The first half is what we called as “warm colors” and the other half is what we call as “cool colors”.

Warm Colors

Cool Colors

From the wheel, we can later know the various color schemes. They are monochromatic colors, related colors, complementary colors, and split complementary colors.

1. Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic colors are the color that shares the same hue but different tones, values and saturation. If you are stuck in choosing the wrist corsage that exactly has the same color with your dress, use the color in this scheme. Picture below is the example of monochromatic colors.

2. Related Colors

If you really can not find any monochromatic colors for your wrist corsage and dress (which is very unlikely), this color schemes is the one and only preferable color schemes that you can consider.

The other 2 colors schemes explained below need to be considered carefully before you decide to mix and match it for your dress and wrist corsage since certain colors might not be suitable for certain condition.

3. Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are the color that located opposite on each other in the wheel. The example is shown in the picture below.

The principle of complementary colors is for one color to give richness to the opposite color on the wheel. This color schemes is very suitable for advertisement but for your dress and your wrist corsage, a deep consideration is needed.

4. Split Complementary Colors

Color expertise called this color scheme as wild and daring. Split complementary colors are the color that possessed on each side of the opposite colors for your main color.

But again, think carefully if it is for the dress and wrist corsage.

In short, whether it is a cool color or warm color, it needs to be depend on the space and orientation of the ceremony. If we know how to play correctly with the color combination, everything will looks wonderful.

Many florists say that, in any designs that involve flowers in its arrangement, do not use more that 4 colors for the best results. Do not put in numbers and numbers of color in a wrist corsage because color combination always become an attraction. In fact, if the color is choose correctly, it can unconsciously help in hiding any imperfection in the wrist corsage's design if any.

A very precious tip in choosing the right color from me, if you are simply just too blank out on how to choose the right color, think about white. White can be used easily with any colors due to its reflectivity quality and the result has always turn perfect.

Thank you for visiting my site and have a nice wrist corsage for your special day!

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