Friday, August 1, 2008

+5 Reasons For Wrist Corsage (Wrist Corsage)

Another 5 reasons for wrist corsage:

6. Wrist Corsage – You are special!

Who wants to hold a bouquet of flowers for the whole day during an event? Not the brides or the bridegrooms, not the family members, relatives or close friends. Your day can be restrictive. Luckily, we can find the solution in wrist corsage. Just wear the wrist corsage and it is more than enough to indicate that you are one of the special people of the day!

7. Wrist Corsage – Worth for collections!

There are many reasons can be told upon “Why wrist corsage is suitable to be one of the collectible items?” Some have been told earlier in this article. The facts that wrist corsage is inexpensive and rich of designs make it obtainable in a bunch of numbers. In the other hands, the cute size of the wrist corsage provides space eligibility for the wrist corsage collectors without need to worry so much on how small the room is. There are ways that you can place the wrist corsage to make it look nice. You can hang it, stick on the wall, buy a teddy bear and tight the wrist corsage on it arms and so on and so forth, depends on your inspiration. Are you lazy? Just put your wrist corsage in a box and smile!

8. Wrist Corsage – Use it again and again!

For sure that this advantage is not applicable for a wrist corsage that being made using an original flowers. Original flowers, if you take care of it, even very carefully, the freshness can only survive for more and less a week. But this is for wrist corsage that made by fabric flowers. Wrist corsage is reusable and you can mix and match it with your dress every time you want to use. Wrist corsage can be your style or accessory. No harm to use it again and again!

9. Wrist Corsage – Wear it wherever you want!

Even the name is a wrist corsage; we can actually play around with it. Not necessarily that you must wear it specifically on the wrist. Try at some other part of your body, perhaps shoulder or do a little bit of alteration on the wrist corsage and wear it on your waist. Be more experimental and you might get unexpected fabulous result from your experimentation.

10. Wrist Corsage – Moment that you will never forget!

The time and the moment you tightening a wrist corsage on the wrist of your wife, date, mother, grandmother or whoever special for you, this is the time that you and they will never forget. The breath that you take, the fingers that running gently on their wrist, your charming smile, and that some beautiful quiet minutes while you are placing the wrist corsage on their wrist, will be an unforgettable instance for them. Just be calm and enjoy one of the moment that you will never forget in your life!

Thank you for visiting my site and have a nice wrist corsage for your special day!

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