Saturday, July 26, 2008

5 Reasons For Wrist Corsage (Wrist Corsage)

You might want to find reasons why you, or the one you love, must use wrist corsage instead of holding a bouquet of flowers on any special day. If you cannot find it anywhere, here I want to give “5 + 5 reasons for wrist corsage” that might be useful for you.

1. Wrist Corsage – Is a new trend!

It might be true that holding a bouquet of flower looks rather more classic that wearing a wrist corsage. But, when we talk about trend, wearing a wrist corsage is a new trend and it is uprising trend! We can see wrist corsage being worn nowadays in many occasion. Wedding day, prom, dinner, formal college dancers, and many more, you can name it!

2. Wrist Corsage – It is cheaper!

Yes, it is not necessarily. Most of the time, it depends on the floral designers creativity and the materials that they use on creating the wrist corsage. But we talk about general price. A price of a bouquet of flowers must be more expensive than 3-4 stems of flowers for a wrist corsage. You are lucky of you have your own touch of creativity since to make your own wrist corsage is not that hard. It can even be FREE!

3. Wrist Corsage – It makes you mobile!

Everybody wants to feel free to move since so many things we can do when we are free. Holding something in your hand may restrict your hand movement and confine you to that single act which is – holding. With wrist corsage place on your wrist you need not to worry so much on your hand movement. Do whatever you want to do and stay pretty!

4. Wrist Corsage – It is more practical!

The fact that wrist corsage is mobile make it more practical. For example, during your wedding day, guests are coming and go. Since it is your special day, they must want to congratulate you, and shake your hand. Closer relatives and friends may want to give you a hug. Holding a bouquet of flowers during this busy day might make things difficult. Thus, wearing a wrist corsage is must be more practical!

5. Wrist Corsage – Rich of design!

A bouquet of flowers will remain as a bouquet of flowers. There might be 10 or more flowers, clumping together, tighten with ribbon and wrap with a special wrap and so on and so forth. Wrist corsage offers something different. The nature of a wrist corsage allows the floral designers to explore and play more with their creativities to be put on it. When during those days they are only using ribbons to tight it on the wearers, now we also have rubber wrist band, beads and so on and so forth. For the future, micro teddy bear (not too small by the way), may will be one of the materials used to enhance the attractiveness of the wrist corsage. We wait and see!

Thank you for visiting my site and have a nice wrist corsage for your special day!

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